My senior thesis show will consist of twelve 13×19 scans of the face of some of my irons. Under each image will be a stack of ironed canvas pieces from the irons in the images. There will be six images on the two long walls of the gallery and two videos on the back wall. One video will be documentation of my ironing process and one will be a slow moving image shot at a macro distance of the face of an iron. This work is directly tied to my previous work with irons, and my goal to have the irons looked at as memory makers and not solely as domestic tools.

The concept for my senior thesis is based around the idea of the iron as a memory holder and creator. There was a time when many Americans would iron their clothes on a daily basis. That time has since past and today most people only iron their clothes for special occasions, such as work, funerals, dinner parties, weddings etc. When considered as a memory holder the iron holds the memory of these important events in one’s life. By scanning the iron and printing the image large, I am asking the viewer to look closer at the iron and examine its details, and imperfections. The ironed canvas pieces are also a representation of memory. Often times when I am creating the iron burns I iron for a specific time that represents a conversation, event or situation. On a personal level, the irons then represent many of my own memories. I will encourage people to touch the ironed canvas and as people handle them the edges will begin to fray which will represent another layer of memory. The videos will represent more examinations into the face of the iron as well as the physicality of the iron burns.


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